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Iris & the Giant is a game by Louis Rigaud, published by Goblinz Studio.

Thanks to all the players who played the beta here 😘 

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Iris & the giant is a turn-based card game, mixing roguelike, RPG and puzzle game.

This 100% indie game is waiting for your support! 

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Iris is distressed. It feels like someone is crying inside her chest. She will have to fight her own demons to climb up the level of her mind to finally meet  the giant and find a way to comfort him.

You will have to build your deck with strategy, choose your traits and magical powers, build a good combination of cards and perks to find your way out. More than 40 enemies, bosses and traps await you.

StatusIn development
Release date Nov 05, 2018
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorLouis Rigaud
GenreStrategy, Card Game, Role Playing
TagsDungeon Crawler, Female Protagonist, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Tactical, Tactical RPG, Turn-based
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone

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is the game progress cloud synchronized on amazon games

Hi, where is fix for Android version, it's several months, but nothing is fixed. It's very disappointing.

Pouquoi sur GOG il n'y a pas la voie de chronos alors que switch si ?

MONTHS passed nothing has been fixed.

(2 edits)

Hey guys I have found a way to "fix" the bug: play everything in ur bag so the game count u as lost and win at the same time. It works for me and count I beat the game 1 time

the ending credits freezes. I just finished beating the giant and got to see the ending sequence where she’s in the car but then it goes back to the end game stage and the only thing interactive are the imaginary friends. I have to start the game over again. And it takes me to the turn right before “beating the boss” and when I “beat” the boss it does the same thing again. Not sure if something triggered this play through or if I play the game again it’ll just be the same. 

Also when I try to get the other versions of the game the game freezes. 

I'm really sorry about this. We are currently working on a fix, it should be released soon. Thanks for the feedback, I know how disappointing it can be. I hope you enjoy the game anyway :)

oh yeah the game is great. I love the story and trying to find good combos. Some of the puzzle levels are head scratchers. A cool feature might be the puzzle challenges as a stand alone access once you beat the game? So you can keep trying and not have three strikes and you’re out? But it won’t be in the game so it wouldn’t be helpful unless you remember it from practicing out side and actual game. 

HELP Please: I'm playing it on Android. I reached the end and in the middle of the drawn sequence the games go back to that "ending part" of the last level and that's it... I cannot see  ending credits or move on... Any suggestion?

Thanks for the feedback. Really sorry for this. We are working on a fix!

Thanks for the feedback btw if you check the review on the Google Play store everyone confirm the bug and is quite disappointed, I'm surprised this has not been noticed and solved before. I also tried on another device and after many hours trying to finish the game i arrived in the end and encountered the same bug...so actually is really a problem of this version. You can imagine how painful it is to pay for it, arrive in the end and got stuck in the middle of it.

Ok, I understand your disappointment of course. But be sure the game will be fixed and updated soon.

(2 edits)

Dear Louis just to let you know nothing has been fixed yet. It's a real pity for the game and your work but on the other side we cannot ask money back since the bug it's in the end of the game, which makes things even worse, but we can rate one star the game. People started doing it on Google play store and the fact that until now no one gave a shit makes me feel it's deserved. Thanks.

this game is sooooo awesome!! 


I would like to give feedback on the mobile beta version if it is available.

In games and cards, it sometimes comes down to blind luck...

Not a big fan of card games, but this one drew me in. From the melancholy atmosphere to the delightful art style, this is a more artsy casual experience one can get lost in.

Graphically, the art style works; it's pretty, even if a tad stereotypical of indie games. The soundtrack and voice acting are enjoyable. The gameplay is simple, but is reliant on luck as much as skill. Replayability is up there, given the random nature and several difficulties.

Overall, a very solid game that's easy to pick up for anybody. Fantastic work!

Featuring Iris & the Giant. Keep it up !

Bonjour, j'ai essayĂ© votre jeu il y a quelques mois, et j'ai immĂ©diatement Ă©tĂ© charmĂ© par le style graphique. Minimaliste mais en mĂȘme temps riche en couleurs, je trouve que votre travail graphique rĂ©ussit vraiment Ă  capturer le thĂšme onirique et de "voyage intĂ©rieur" prĂ©sentĂ© par le jeu.

C'est original, ça regorge de créativité et c'est exactement ce qui est bon à avoir sur le marché des jeux indie. J'aurais déjà payé pour la démo tellement c'est bon, et je me ferai un plaisir de l'acheter lorsqu'il sera terminé.

the most stunning card-based game i've ever seen! i've been looking for digi game that resembled tabletop board games and card games alike and this is the most appealing one to me, both in visuals and gameplay.

Thank you carmendolina !!!

Oh my goodness, this is absolutely stunning. I'm not a game developer, so I don't really know how to critique it. The things I will say are 1. The fire level is really difficult - almost too punishing. Maybe -8 will is too high. 2. I have no idea how to beat the dog thing that regenerates. It's not intuitive and it's really frustrating. Other than that, VERY GOOD GAME NICE JOB

Thanks ! I know the current version is too hard, I'll make it easier. The 3 dogs must be consider as one three heads cerbere, then you'll find a way to beat them  ;)


Cute graphics, nice game-play for future (?) release on tablet or smartphone.


Je ne suis plus trĂšs jeune, mais j'aime beaucoup les jeux qui ont un style cartoon ou un style que l'on prĂȘte habituellement que pour des enfants. Ce n'est pas par nostalgie des 80-90s mais pour la sensation poĂ©tique que çà donne et que je n'ai pas avec des graphismes hyper-rĂ©alistes.

Autonauts by Denki et Kerbal Space Program sont de beaux exemples qu'il y a un public adulte pour des jeux trés élaborés (à la frontiÚre du serious game) avec des graphismes dans ton style.

Bref, si tu fais un jeu trop complexe pour des gosses en gardant ton style, j'aimerais l'essayer.

Bonne continuation l'artiste :)

Hello, merci pour ton message !

Le jeu est en effet plutĂŽt complexe et Ă  destination des grands enfants/adultes malgrĂ© les illustrations ou le thĂšme qui parle de l'enfance. N'hĂ©sites pas Ă  tester la version flash player ou m'envoyer un message pour tester la version bĂȘta sur mobile.

Le game-play me semble abordable pour des gamins de 10-12 ans, par contre la difficulté augmente trop vite lors des 3 premiers étages, ça pourrait paraitre rédhibitoire pour certains de perdre aussi vite lors de la premiÚre partie.

Pour la version Flash, un bouton ou option pour basculer en plein-Ă©cran serait la bienvenue (mĂȘme si ça doit t'imposer de faire des bandes noires latĂ©rales).

J'ai un mobile avec Android KitKat, tu peux m'envoyer une invitation à oliezekat@yahoo.fr, je t'indiquerais en réponse le mail de mon compte Google pour Push ton appli.

Oui je vais fortement réduire la difficulté et ajouter un new game+.

(1 edit)

This game is just lovely!

I managed to trigger a hang (in the Flash version at least) by dying to a trap after playing a card that permits me to take another action (in this case, a sword with another sword in my hand).  It looks like it's waiting for me to play the other sword or end my turn, but I'm dead so I can't.

Edit: Given that the game is (often) deterministic, especially considering how much damage you will take after a given action (e.g. because monsters will get a turn or a bomb/trap will hit you), it might be nice to indicate somehow that taking a certain action will result in your death.  For instance, when targeting the effect of a card, it could highlight the target in red or show some tooltip text warning you that such an action would be your last.

To me, this is like the concept of check in chess.  There, players aren't even allowed to take an action that would result in immediate game loss, though in this game, actions resulting in death can still make sense if, e.g., you get a souvenir or a few stars to count towards a gift.

Granted, it may be very tricky to even determine if an action will result in death in certain circumstances.  For instance, defeating enough monsters to reach the next power-up might let you increase (and refill) your will, but could also easily give you power-up options that aren't able to save you from the immediately following attacks.

(1 edit)

I've observed two other bugs:

One, in the souvenir selection screen, if you click a souvenir (bringing up the confirmation button) but then click Restart, the active souvenirs are cleared as normal but the confirmation button remains and works.  As such, once you have access to 3 souvenirs, it is possible to repeat the above process to activate souvenirs as far right as you want, skipping the ones on the left.

Second, somehow defeating one cerberus head and letting it respawn removed the stairs, which were in the same row.  Also, while I'm not sure if it's related or indeed a bug, using a mirror card on cerberus heads reflected damage to other monsters.  Edit: Refreshing did not bring the stairs back, so I had to abandon the game.

Thanks for your feedback.

The "check" (chess) hint is a very cool idea ! But yes it's tricky as you said. Once, I  was thinking of showing the amount of damage you will take during monsters turn. It's more or less the same idea. You can still try to level up and hopefully get a "will" upgrade...

Thanks for other bugs reports ! Really helpfull, I'm working on the new version.

The art is really lovely, and it is pretty addicting (I think its how you get to keep this power up after a game over, thats good because i think i am pretty bad at this game) and fun.

(1 edit)

Great game! Love the art style: artistic, enjoyable, and yet a bit dark, too -- I think it fits with the theme of the game and music.

 I have only done one round (just got run out of the cards). I like the fact that the outcome of a previous game is carried forward to the next game (sense of growth!)

Perhaps for me to be a bit more tactic, I wanted to keep the cards each time I use one, so that I can plan ahead how I play... But perhaps that's how it is meant to be(?)

Keep it up! I would love to see the finished game to come out on iOS :)

So, I've finally had time to finish this game and wanted to make some additional remarks to the last levels (that I didn't manage to play before):

I really love the idea of the mouths. It fits perfectly with the story, both their attack and how powerful the "No." is. And I'm happy with how the ending went.
I think I already said that, but I really like that there is no immediate tutorial on how to deal with what enemy - or the giant. Maybe after some failed attempts, but I guess not everybody is as stupid as me with the card-eating enemy and just attacks stones.^^ But in general I like that.

Some bugs that I found:

Somehow after the card-eating-level there are dagger monsters that allow my will to go into the negative and keep playing. Its the level directly after the card-eating. There is something not working there.

Also when I try to petrify a tear-drop and the end (with that eye card), the game is stuck. It can be solved with refreshing, but that's a little annoying.

Overall, I really loved it.

All the best.

First of all, I think this is a great game and I would support it if I had pay-pal. I don't, but should you ever sell it in a way I can easier pay for it, I would. As for now, all I can do is give you some hints that I hope help.

I like the idea of this game. It's easy enough to understand that you are immediately hooked in, but you also need to develop some strategy and also there seem to always be new things (cards and enemies) to discover, so that you are immediately hooked. At least I was, it's kind of addicting. 

In the game you need both luck and a strategy, which I quite like. You will get father and be better if you have a good strategy- cards  and abilities that work well together and an idea what to use when (or against which enemy). However, there is also a heavy portion of luck in there. If you have good luck you can get far while playing bad, but if you have bad luck even with a good strategy you might fail. Personally, I would have maybe liked a bit less luck, but that is different for anybody and complaining on a very high level. In the end due to all the special abilities the strategy is very important.

I like how it is built up. That you don't have a list of enemies anywhere, but you figure out while playing who is there and how to best defeat them. The same goes for the imaginary friends. (Though I have unlocked only some friends and only ever used one, because either this friend is much more powerful that the others I have unlocked or it just works with my strategy better.)  And also for cards. I love that you can get some cards only from enemies- I love the stealing. 

The story around it is cute. And that it has animation and good graphics despite actually being a card game is great.

Despite this game being great, there are some bugs. (It is beta overall and I hope it helps for the final version if I point out what I have noticed.):

In the higher levels I sometimes had problems with how my card showed. One card would suddenly be bigger or out of place, covering another card or being covered by another card. This card often didn't let itself be played, but for some reason I could still lock it with my imaginary friend (so it reacted to a certain degree). Even if I didn't lock it, it stayed in the game including the confusing display, even after I drew new cards.  Refreshing the browser usually fixed the problem, but sometimes led to another one (that I will describe in to paragraphs).

On some levels the game kind of lagged. The enemies would just keep attacking, even though it was my turn (and I wasn't paralyzed or anything). Once that happened until I was dead with no chance for me to use my on-my-knees-ability (though maybe that was blocked, I am not sure) and twice they just kept attacking beyond my death and the game went into a loop. I tried refreshing the browser there, but they kept attacking after my refreshing and the only difference was that I had more will shortly.

To the refreshing problem: As I said, when it lagged I refreshed my browser. And sometimes that led to my suddenly having more will than before I refreshed (even at the times where I wasn't attacked, so it's not just a little time back). It might also be that only the number it showed me was wrong and I didn't have that much will. I didn't look at that.

The "Try again at that floor"-Stone Thing: So I had this stones and the giant offered me another try, but I refused, because I died at a lower floor and wanted to save it as the game suggested. However, the next round I wanted to use it, but the Giant didn't offer. I thought I had lost it. Then some rounds later when I didn't think about it, I again got the offer at a low floor. Is this a lag in the game, or is the offer purposefully random, or are there other rules? If it's not a bug, a better description would be nice, otherwise: There is a bug.

And not a bug, but another point where I think the game could be improved: I think there could either be more of those "try again stones" to be found or maybe another possibility to start at a later floor. (Like stones that you can purposefully place somewhere you currently stand as a turn, so that you can start exactly there the next time. Or a thing that you can start 5 levels or so below your current death-level) I understand the game is built around playing several times- you also get these gifts and souvenirs that you can also use later, but it's sometimes annoying to nearly always start from the beginning. I'm not saying never do it, just maybe not so much.

Now it sounds as if I was mainly complaining. But I only meant to give some hints to lags and a suggesting, in general - as I said before- the game is really good and once the bugs are fixed will be great. I enjoyed playing it and would be willing to support it or buy the finished product if I had the means to do so. (I can do e-bankning, but not paypal)

Thanks for all your work that surely went into this game and for releasing this version here for us to enjoy!

Thank you very much for this detailed comments ! It's encouraging. Here are some answer :

I'm working on reducing luck. You won't re-draw all your cards each turn but you will keep your hand (draw only cards to complete your hand), so you can be prepared for next turns easier. And I plan to reduce luck due to random enemy position.

- bugs : first time I hear about the card "stuck out of place" ! Annoying :( (do you remember which card ? a special action like "sword dance" I guess). About the "enemy keep attacking" bug, are you sure you wasn't petrify (turn grey), or do you remember the enemy you was facing (maybe a trap) ?

- "try again stones" : you are right, I need to improve the way you can retry on higher level. Letting the player put a "check point" where he want, once in a run, can be a very good idea !

Now I'm working on two previous "chapter" shorter and easier than the current one. In order to make the beginning of the game more "friendly" and less repetitive. I'm also working on some kind of "puzzle game" mode / more story scenes about the girl past / many other gameplay improvements...

So thank very much for your comments, it helps keep working and keep fighting bugs !

Stuck card: It wasn't a special card. I think it happened with will once and with steal once. Cards that worked fine before. (Also now the game continues maybe it wasn't a higher level- the game goes longer than I thought- it happened after fire demons came in. But that could be an accident.)
The enemy keep attacking: The one where I died, there might have been an enemy that petrified and I overlooked him- though I didn't change colours. The ones where the enemies kept attacking I had more time to check and there wasn't anyone who should have caused that. Especially since it went on until I refreshed the browser and then stopped. I am not sure anymore which levels and enimies it was, but I think once there were cats arrow cats, the sword dance cats, the minotaurs in both sizes, the scythe cats, some weeping and normal (maybe with armors or mirrors) sceletons, maybe the rock-throughing eye. But I'm not sure anymore. I can't remember the levels either, I didn't think about immediately noting it then, just about I-need0-to-get-this-to-stop-and-get-father.

Your new ideas sound great, I wish you all success!

A question first (I will post a review in a moment in a seperate post): Does this game have some sequence at the end. The card-eating box seems dead and it says "I defended this madness[...] but here my journey continue." (btw, I'm not a native English speaker, so I could be wrong, but I think it should be continues). But there is nothing about the giant. So I kept beating up the box for a while and when nothing happened I tried to eliminate the stones around it to see whether there is something, but I found nothing that looked like an ending. Is it already over or am I supposed to do somethin? (I have this sword that keeps coming back, so I can fight for all infinity...but nothing happens.)

Ha ha, you are supposed to click on the dead box so you enter in it and the game continue. Really sorry for that being hard to figure out, sorry you lost a game here :( I'll definitely make it more obvious !

That's said, there is an ending with the giant in this version, but I plan to improve it in the future.

Thanks for the answer. I thought I did click on it, but apparently I didn't, because I tried (what I thought again) and it worked.  I should have thought of that before. Now I wish I hadn't used so many of my weapons before. And I found a new bug, if it can be called thus. I let the game open, because I didn't want to give up and now went back to it with the info, but I guess it's not made for so long brakes, because on the next level I was supposed to die - the dagger guy attacked me and I was on my knees, but than he attacked again and my will just counted to -3/-3 (or something, definitly minus and proceeded to do so). In that case refreshing the browser didn't do anything and it even showed the will full orange, just with minus numbers. And then with the mouths it counted up and once I was at zero again the will was white instead of orange (as usual, just that at that point it said 0/-23 or something). And then I somehow did die. I suppose it wasn't meant to count to negative numbers, but also letting the game open so long and while commenting here (with another browser, so the cookies shouldn't be affected, but it's the same IP-adress) is propably not meant to happen :-D

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This is amazing. Hope it brings you whatever you need to build it. Can't wait for a full game! (need a pt-br translator? wink)

Thanks ! I'm working on it !

I'll need translators once the game is truly finish.

Just made an account to say thank you for creating this amazing game. I played about 20hrs over 3 days and finally beat it. Lots of fun and really enjoyed the boss mechanics. Very excited for the final game to be polished.

Some bugs I noticed:

- Cards don't work properly on the last stage. Squares would shift and end up too far away or overlapping. When I used Petrify on a teardrop, game would crash and I would have to restart.

- Some challenges (for friends) are not tracking correctly. e.g. Monsters with stars, Discovering 40/40 cards are not working.

Gameplay feedback:

- Definitely need better tool tips. I did not realize the shield could break after taking too much damage. Or that the thunder demon removed ALL buffs, including from boss drops.

- Friends need better descriptions for the challenge, the requirements can be confusing some times. Also, players should know the reward for unlocking a friend, so that they know which friends to prioritize.

- Overall balancing. Some of the boss drops abilities are not as useful. In the same vein, AOE and steals are really strong, while daggers, traps, and swords are useless late game. Possible suggestions: e.g. increase the number of daggers from chests, change boss drops too add steal to swords, or AOE to traps.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Hi, thank you very much for your comments ! It really helps ! here are some answers :

bugs : I definitely need to polish the final "fight". And indeed, a few challenges don't work, will be fix.

gameplay : I like that some mechanics are not explained completely, specially in the end, when the player feel like he master everything. For example, the shield can take damage and break only late in game, once you're already a good player and you know many other tips to survive. The thunder demon remove all  your magical power for one turn, but I think it's written in his description ;)

balance : don't hesitate to tell me which boss drops can be improved (removed?),  which are too strong (double arrow ? ) ?

Keep working on it ! Thanks a lot !

Is there any way to beat the giant chest that eats cards and spawns enemies?  I keep getting rekt on that level :'(

Without giving it away, here's a hint: beat the boss with his own friends. It's a battle of attrition, but definitely winnable. Good luck :)

Once that boss is down and doesn't swallow cards anymore/doesn't produce new enemies, is the game over or do you have to do something else? I have seen no end sequence, but currently I can just beat that box or the rocks around it forever and nothing happens.

The aesthetics is beautiful, though the game is very hard. Last run I was taking 13 damage (total 20) in the second wave due to a lot of archers out of my reach. If I just run straight to the stairs to save cards I don't get special habilities and the game ends sooner. It's frustrating having to play just a single card and throwing away the rest of my hand, then later getting dry of cards.


This game is excellent , I look forward to seeing its final form.!

However does it only save progress (after exiting ) in the mobile version?

(2 edits)

it save progress automatically after each turn (if you close the game, you'll restart at the same turn). But when you lose, as you probably see it, you restart from the first floor. Later in the game, an object will allow you to restart from the beginning of the current floor.

If you want to try the mobile version, send me a message with your gmail/apple email address.

(1 edit)

Hello! Here is my review of the game! Really enjoyed it and this has a lot of potential. Really hope you find translators and a publisher! https://scoffingames.com/2018/11/08/iris-and-the-giant-beta-review/

Great ! Thanks !

The review is published :-)