new beta version!

I will release the new beta very soon. If you want to try it, please fill this form. It will probably be the last beta test session before the official launch. Thanks for your support.

Lots of new features await you!!!

- deepest story with new cinematic.

- new levels, hidden levels, alternative path...

- Easy game mode.

- better saved games management.

- new monsters, new cards, new powers!

- new friends and challenges

- combos bonus

- ...

You have to fill this form to receive the new version as soon as I release it.


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Did you kept my mail address for Google Play and added me to receive new version ?

Or I must fill this form ?

You're still in the android beta test group but it'll be easier for me if you fill the form :) It helps me gather everything in one file and get some infos like your name for the credits. Thanks!